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The Present and Future Asymmetry of Consumer Genetic Testing

Taking a DNA test to learn about your ancestry or health can be fun, but it requires the transfer of sensitive information: your genetic data. 

18 December 2017, Metro USA

It takes just a few minutes to put some spit into a vial, but that little bit of spit can yield volumes of deeply intimate data…Read more >>>

How privacy policies affect genetic testing

Study: State-level disclosure laws affect patients’ eagerness to have their DNA tested

12 December 2017, MIT News Office


Different types of privacy laws in U.S. states produce markedly different effects on the willingness of patients to have genetic testing done, according to a new study co-authored by an MIT professor… Read more >>>

Your Electronic Medical Records Could Be Worth $1000 To Hackers

How much is your life worth to hackers? Your electronic medical health record (EHR) could be worth hundreds or even thousands of dollars.

14 April 2017, Forbes

EHRs offer significant benefits compared to previous paper-based systems and have been adopted by over 96% of critical care hospitals and over 83% of regular hospitals…. Read more >>>

What DNA Testing Companies’ Terrifying Privacy Policies Actually Mean

“It’s basically like you have no privacy, they’re taking it all,” said Joel Winston, a consumer protection lawyer. “When it comes to DNA tests, don’t assume you have any rights.”

18 October 2017, Gizmodo

You probably wouldn’t hand out your social security number without having a pretty good idea of how that information was going to be used, right… Read more >>>

Don’t Sell Your DNA to the Corporate Devil

Your DNA contains a lot of personal information. Simply speaking, genome is the code that runs in nucleus of almost every cell in your body. This extremely sensitive information has great potential for better healthcare and understanding of human nature. But, for sure, being careless about privacy is playing with fire when it comes to DNA.

23 October 2017, The Merkle

Here is the real-world example. Let’s suppose you have had a genetic testing for any reason last year. Today your insurance company refused… Read more >>>

Global Alliance for Genomics and Health Releases Strategic Plan, Announces Driver Projects

The Global Alliance for Genomics and Health (GA4GH) this week unveiled its strategic plan for the next five years. Called GA4GH Connect, it calls on the alliance’s 500-plus members to develop new data sharing standards for use in major international genomic data initiatives.

17 October 2017, Genome Web

GA4GH has already agreed to work with 13 initiatives, including Genomics England and Australian Genomics, which it calls driver projects, to develop and release new standards for genomic data discovery… Read more >>>

Is Genetic Privacy a Myth?

Genetic tests and genome sequencing are generating terabytes of sensitive private data. How can they be kept safe?

28 September 2017, Protomag (Massachusetts General Hospital)

Ronald Cohn pediatrician-in-chief of The Hospital for Sick Children in Toronto, tells the story of a young patient who was brought to him with a connective tissue disorder. The logical next step was a genetic test… Read more >>>

AI Can Now Generate a Mugshot Using Only Your DNA

Genomics company Human Longevity Inc. (HLI) made a study on predicting a person’s face and other qualities based on genetic information. HLI says that face-prediction technologies could pose risks to a person’s privacy and that stricter guidelines for genome databases must be established. Since the study’s release, many experts have voiced their opinions, with some saying that privacy risks floated by HLI are overblown.

23 Septembre 2017, Wall Street Pit

Many of the promising applications of genome sequencing lie in associating genotypes (the unique genome set of a person) with physical… Read more >>>