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David Shaw: The hidden harms of “genomic volunteering”

There are huge benefits to sequencing as many genomes as we can—every genome sequenced moves us a step closer to unlocking life-saving treatments

3 May 2019, BMJ Opinion

NHS England is to offer free genomic sequencing for patients with serious genetic conditions, including cancer. Healthy citizens will also be able to have their genomes sequenced under a new scheme announced in January…Read more >>> 


The US urgently needs new genetic privacy laws

TWENTY YEARS AGO, you had about a 1 in 6 billion chance of knowing someone who’d had their DNA sequenced. Today, almost every American can name someone who’s had some form of genetic testing. 

1 May 2019, HIPAA Journal

The rise of DNA data has legal experts increasingly concerned that the United States is not effectively protecting consumers from the many privacy risks…Read more >>> 


Medical DNA sequencing leads to lawsuits and legal questions

As DNA testing gallops ahead, doctors face wrenching questions about legal risks, protecting patients’ privacy, and the quality of the genetic information they’re providing—and they need help.

26 April 2019, Science Mag

“The genome is static, but our ability to analyze it and interpret it is undergoing dramatic change,” said James Evans, a geneticist at the University of North Carolina in Chapel Hill. “We don’t understand most of these variants…Read more >>> 


Healthcare Data Breach Statistics

We have compiled healthcare data breach statistics from October 2009 when the Department of Health and Human Services’ Office for Civil Rights first started publishing summaries of healthcare data breaches on its website.

1 May 2019, HIPAA Journal

Our healthcare data breach statistics clearly show there has been an upward trend in data breaches over the past 9 years…Read more >>> 



House Takes Tough Stance On Genetic Tests

Amid privacy concerns and dramatic growth in genetic-testing products

12 April 2019, WLRN

the Florida House on Thursday passed a bill that would ban life-insurance and long-term care insurance companies from using genetic testing information in policy decisions…Read more >>> 


Criminal Suspects Deserve Genetic Privacy, Too

The conversation over police uploading suspects’ DNA to online databases is missing something important.

18 March 2019,

Almost a year ago, police apprehended Joseph DeAngelo—dubbed the Golden State Killer—for more than a dozen murders and 50 rapes committed in the 1970s and ’80s. His arrest was thanks to the advent of open-source DNA databases…Read more >>>