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Pentagon warns US military not to use home DNA testing kits

The Pentagon is advising members of the US military not to use DNA testing kits, warning that the popular genetic identification kits could pose a security risk.

13 November 2019, MIT Technology Review

Companies such as 23andMe and Ancestry allow people to get a breakdown of their genetic makeup and geographic heritage…Read more >>> 

Google is to get access to millions of Americans’ personal health data

Google has signed a deal with Ascension, the second-largest hospital system in the US, to collect and analyze millions of Americans’ personal health data

12 November 2019, MIT Technology Review

Eventually, data from all of the company’s patients (birth dates, lab results, diagnoses, and hospitalization records, for example) could be uploaded to Google’s cloud computing systems…Read more >>> 

Popular third-party genetic genealogy site is vulnerable to compromised data, impersonations

Researchers at the University of Washington have found that GEDmatch is vulnerable to multiple kinds of security risks. An adversary can use only a small number of comparisons to extract someone’s sensitive genetic markers.

29 Octobre 2019, University of Washington

“People think of genetic data as being personal — and it is. It’s literally part of their physical identity,” said lead author Peter Ney, a postdoctoral researcher in the UW Paul G. Allen School of Computer Science & Engineering. “This makes the privacy of genetic data particularly important…Read more >>> 

Mayo Clinic studies patient privacy in MRI research

Though identifying data typically are removed from medical image files before they are shared for research, a Mayo Clinic study finds that this may not be enough to protect patient privacy.

23 Octobre 2019, News Wise

“At Mayo Clinic, we take patient privacy as a core value,” … “We are studying potential gaps in deidentification as we seek ways to improve these techniques.”…Read more >>> 

Open Privacy discovers unencrypted patient medical information broadcast across Vancouver

The Open Privacy Research Society has discovered that the sensitive medical information of patients being admitted to certain hospitals across the Greater Vancouver Area is being broadcast, unencrypted, by hospital paging systems

9 September 2019, Open Privacy Research Society

The data being broadcast includes the patients name, age, gender marker, diagnosis, their attending doctor and room number…Read more >>> 

32M Patient Records Breached in First Half of 2019, 88% Caused by Hacking

Protenus Breach Barometer shows healthcare data breaches have already doubled this year from the total 15M breached in 2018 – with hacking incidents breaching the most patient records.

1 August 2019,

More than 31 million patient records have already been breached in the first half of 2019, with hacking causing the majority…Read more >>> 

Why home DNA tests might not be as private as you think.

Your genome and your privacy.

9 August 2019,

Spit in the tube, seal up the envelope, wait […] for less than $200. […] But in an uncertain regulatory environment with lax privacy standards, you might want to double-check the true price before letting your curiosity get the best of you….Read more >>>