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Keeping It in the Family

news6A bioinformatician ends an unusual effort to raise money to make his family’s genomic information public

13 Aug 2012, Science News

Not as many people around the world cared about the genes of Manuel Corpas and his family as he had hoped. As a result, after raising just one-fifth of the money he had aimed for, the 35-year-old bioinformatician of the Genome Analysis Centre in Norfolk, U.K., called an end last week to an effort to crowdsource funding to sequence his family’s DNA… Read more >>>

NIH Unperturbed by New Way of Peering Into Personal Genomic Data

news7Risks of linking an individual to public research data are low, agency says

10 Apr 2012, Science News

In a provocative paper published this week, researchers say they have figured out a way to link a person’s DNA to their anonymous genetic data in a certain kind of public research database. But the National Institutes of Health (NIH), which hosts one of the largest such databases, says it’s not taking any new steps to prevent someone from using the method to breach privacy… Read more >>>