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We can use genes to find serial killers, but how much more can they really tell us?

Using genetic data from over 100,000 individuals, it is now possible to do everything from finding genetic predictors of disease to tracking murderers

25 September 2019, Massive Science

Humans have an inherent social drive, and in this age of social media, we are more connected than ever. However, by constructing the world’s largest family tree comprising 125 million people…Read more >>> 

Open Privacy discovers unencrypted patient medical information broadcast across Vancouver

The Open Privacy Research Society has discovered that the sensitive medical information of patients being admitted to certain hospitals across the Greater Vancouver Area is being broadcast, unencrypted, by hospital paging systems

9 September 2019, Open Privacy Research Society

The data being broadcast includes the patients name, age, gender marker, diagnosis, their attending doctor and room number…Read more >>>